I’m going to go on a limb here and say that I deserve better than utter silence. Yes, I really believe so. And I don’t like myself very much, so imagine how badly you are doing if I have come to this conclusion (by myself, I might add!).

Utter and complete silence.

Is there really nobody who is a little brave in this world anymore? I’m not saying go-into-a-fire-to-rescue-a-kitten brave (although that would be very cool). I’m saying just having guts of being honest. Just that, being honest. It really isn’t that hard.

Isn’t life complicated enough? Is there really a necessity to lie? To not be honest? What is there to gain by not saying what you really mean or think? If the person in front of you can’t take the truth, it’s their problem. Not yours.

Utter and complete silence. Unbelievable.


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