“Here, take my number” I tell him, with a confidence that I never have. Yes, we’ve been talking and dancing, there has been a sort of spark. But still, I never do this kind of thing. “We’re going to the bar I mentioned earlier, want to join me?” And just like that, I turn around and go back outside, where my two friends are waiting for me.

“Girl, hurry up! The taxi’s been waiting! Did you really have to pee now?”

“Sorry, sorry! I’m here! Let’s go!”

My friends bar is packed, like always. I love coming here and not only because it’s my friends place. The music is great and people that come here don’t stir up the bad kind of trouble (only the good kind that we all like).

Twenty minutes later or so, I’m dancing as badly as always with my drink in my hand and I feel somebody coming close to me. His body feels warm and exciting. He starts dancing with me and his hands delicately fall on my hips. His lips come close to my ear and I hear “I did want to join you”. I smile (although he can’t see that, obviously) and continue to dance closer and closer to him.

How is it you always lose track of time when you are in this situation? You feel like you are in a private bubble, just you and him and time does not apply to either of you. It flows, but you don’t feel it passing.
I only feel your warm body against mine, your smooth hands on my hips, our movements as one. Sounds like sex, doesn’t it? It can be just like that.

Suddenly your left hand pushes me forward, turning me around. You are strong. It was so sudden, I nearly lost my balance. I look at you for the first time since I gave you my number. I hadn’t forgetten how good looking you are, but I was still in awe. Tall, strong, blond. A real viking. Do you conquer strange lands and come back with treasure?

You pull me towards you and kiss me. It’s a good thing you are holding me, because I feel like my legs can start to fail at any given moment. Never have I received such a passionate first kiss. If this was the promise of more, I was eager to discover the rest. Your right hand goes up my back and holds my head. You are asking me to give you everything and I let myself do that.

We dance more, we kiss more, we drink more. It’s not enough. “Let’s go to my place” I say, standing on my toes so I can reach your ear. You really are tall. The only response I get is you taking my hand and walking me out of the bar. You hail a taxi and I give my address.

We are fighting the urge not to start something we couldn’t finish in the short ride. I can tell you want to devour me whole. Your hand slides up and down my thigh and my body starts to tremble with desire. Thank the gods my house isn’t far. You pay for the ride and get out so fast I haven’t even gotten my seat belt off. I finally manage to untangle myself and I stop for two seconds. I need to take a breath. I still sort of don’t believe this is happening.

The door opens and you look inside. “Everything OK, Maisie?” you ask, with such a charming smile that would disarm anyone. “Yes, of course.” I take the hand you are holding out and step out of the car. I fall into your arms and you close the door behind me. You kiss me again and my whole body relaxes and tenses at the same time. Contradictory, right?

Finally, I break the kiss and go towards my building. I struggle to find my keys and to open the door. I haven’t been this nervous in a while. I manage to unlock it. You push it open and I’m surprised it doesn’t fly of its hinges. You lift me up as if I weigh less than… well, something heavy. “Third floor”, I manage to say breathless.

I wake up. I know time has passed since my wrist watch says it’s nearly noon, but I still don’t feel like it has. I look at you, still not believing the things you made me feel. I stroke your hair. You start to wake up. My right hand starts going downwards gently, barely touching your soft skin. Your body feels familiar and yet unknown. You are awake by the time I get to your thigh. You stroke my hair and pull me down to meet your lips. We kiss for the gods know how long. “Does the lady feel like morning sex?” you ask, your right hand going down my back.

I did.

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