Well, shit. I got on the wrong train. I was supposed to go north and… I’m going south.

“Something wrong?”

I didn’t realise I said that out loud. The guy in front of me must’ve thought I was crazy. He’s cute too. This sucks. Great first impression! Obviously I blush. It’s too late now, my craziness is out there so I decide to tell him what happened.

“Oh, so you didn’t plan to be late for work?”
“No. And this week it’s not the first time. I was really careful this morning, too. My boss loves me but is definitely going to kill me now.”
“And here I thought you wanted to get lost on this train to get to know me. We did see each other on the platform.”
“Well, clearly something was on my mind if I blindly got on this train…”
“Maybe. Seems like I needed to get lost.”

You sit next to me and move the hair from my face with such exquisiteness my eyes actually close to live the moment fully.

“I could keep helping you getting lost. If you let me.”

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