Tears in the rain

It’s raining slightly. I hear the mild “plic, plic, plic” of the raindrops on the cars and trees. I love that sound. I have always liked rain, even though I ran away from the weather more than ten years ago.

I smile. I am looking through the bedroom window. It’s open, the city air gets in, as does the sound. I close my eyes and take it all in with a sigh.

Your arms wrap around me and you kiss my neck.

“I hope that sigh was the good kind.”
“It was, my love.”

Who would have thought I would have ever moved back? Crazy, but you are worth it.

You sigh as well. I don’t need to ask to know it was the good kind, I can feel it in your embrace. You hold me tighter and I let myself sort of fall in your arms, deeply. I feel totally safe. You will protect me from all the craziness of moving here.

“You are worth moving to this rain, my love.” I tell you, turning slightly to seal it with a kiss.

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